Picture of Mike

Mike Clinton

Web Developer

Mike's love of programming started in the early 80's typing pages of machine language code line by line from a magazine called COMPUTE! into his Commodore 64 in the hopes it would compile into a game. Since then he has worked for decades as a web developer helping companies bring their ideas to fruition. In his spare time Mike enjoys wrenching on and riding motorcycles and believes that the skill and passion required to rebuild an engine has a lot in common with creating websites that are solidly built and perform well.

Picture of Kelsey

Kelsey Wordeman

Shopify Developer, Graphic Designer

Kelsey studied fine arts in college and received her BFA from Cal State Long Beach. She has since lended her keen eye and analytical mind to various organizations, and knowing about her creative background, employers would ask that she work on projects that leveraged those talents. From crafting order forms and the like for a cookie company where she was a baker, to building social media and email campaigns as a retail assistant manager, to designing an e-commerce site for a pie shop as their finance coordinator. Her education gave her a solid foundation in drawing and painting, and she has been thrilled to add new skills and invaluable experiences to her toolbox since. In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys reading, playing with her dog Tobias, and trying to convince Mike to take a vacation so she can plan it.

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